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"Themeless Variations" exhibition, Mansfield Ceramics Gallery, Sydney 2016
Owen discussing his work


Sidestoke         Australian woodfirers, links to international woodfirers' sites
Map of Australian woodfirers


International Academy of Ceramics                
NCECA     US ceramics conference website
European woodfire conference Germany 2010-03-29
Australian woodfire conference Tasmania 2011  

Good Writing/Video etc

Bruce Metcalf       good writing   
Interesting Michael Duffy article  
Art of significance is doing something that matters
On Rob Barnard
The Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator   guide to advanced criticism


Touching Stone Gallery  Tea Bowl Exhibition
Lacoste Gallery    (Massachusetts) Many ceramics artists  
Cavin-Morris Gallery   (New York) ceramics gallery, many artists
Akar    US gallery, includes ceramics  
Canberra Glassworks


Sitka Center   residencies in beautiful part of Oregon/mixed arts         

General Ceramics

e-Yakimono      Robert Yellin website, best source for contemporary Japanese ceramics
Jackson Li        many China links    
NSW Northern Rivers Visual Arts Network
Gotheberg.com   antique Chinese and Japanese ceramics collectors' site; many links    


Australian Oxytrol Systems    oxyprobes, pyrometers


Wikipedia article: Prometheus            fire myths; creation of man from clay myths
Wikipedia article: Vulcan(mythology)   Vulcan Roman fire mythology
SuperPages       get yourself on the map
Antiques Reporter Owen Rye jar          auction site, includes ceramics
Cultural Gifts Program Australia    
Washington Report on Middle East affairs    factual reporting on Israel/Middle East
Retrovisions           Larry Grossman must-see website