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The Slightly Flat Earth Society: The Facts According to Rye

The diameter of the earth at the equator is quoted slightly differently by different sources but a reasonable average is 7930 miles or 12,760 kilometres. The distance between the poles (same caveat) is 7900 miles or 12,720 kilometres.

Therefore the earth is not round but slightly flat which is why the flat earth believers were not completely wrong; and why I have formed the Slightly Flat Earth Society. Anyone is welcome to join. There is no joining fee, no obligations and indeed no meetings, agenda, publication or events.

As an aside the shape of the earth can be described as an oblate spheroid which is the form obtained when an ellipse is rotated on its shorter axis. Rotating it on its long axis would produce a prolate spheroid.

The tallest mountain on earth is Mauna Kea, near Hawaii – its peak is 10,206 metres or 33,484 feet above the seabed.

The highest place on earth (measured from the centre of the earth) is the peak of Mt Chimbarazo in Ecuador - because it is close to the equator (Ecuador – get it?) . It is 2202 metres further from the earth’s centre than the peak of Mt Everest. Mt Everest is only ‘higher’ if measured above sea level (its latest measured height, determined at the summit in 1999 using satellite measuring equipment, is 8850 metres above sea level). There are three other peaks ‘higher’ than Everest (from the earth’s centre): Huascaran, Cotopaxi and Kilimanjaro.

The highest Australian mountain is Mt McClintock, at 3490 metres, followed by Mt Menzies at 3355 metres. Both are in Australian Antarctica. If we refer to Australian sovereign territory then the highest mountain is Mt Mawson on Heard Island at 2745 metres. Mt Kosciuszko (often wrongly spelled Kosciusko), on the Australian mainland is a mere 2228 metres above sea level.


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Hilary and Tenzing were the first people to reach the top of Mt Everest, confirmed (although some feel that Mallory and Irvine may have made it). Question – who was or were second?